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Plastic Corrugation

Strong, versatile and economical.

J&M offers a variety of products which can be used in many different applications and customer environments. Our products are strong, versatile, weather resistant, re-useable and economical.

We are a distributor of corrugated plastic totes and custom boxes, totes, trays, box lids, sheets, rolls, recycling bins, tree wraps, custom plastics and printing, and more.

Now Introducing: New Polypropylene Plastics!

  • Polypropylene-plastic packaging improves product protection in manufacturing, distribution, transport and storage. The reusable, returnable and recyclable solutions reduce packaging costs significantly, and offer a long lifecycle. Our polypropylene products are lightweight and impact-resistant, and resist cracking. Additionally, polypropylene produces a “living hinge” for boxes that are opened multiple times daily or throughout their life span.
  • We now deliver customized, polypropylene packaging solutions in a wide variety of sizes, models and configurations. As our organization continues to grow, we are providing customers with more options – creating a single source for their end-to-end packaging needs.
  • Free of dust and fiber, our polypropylene plastic can help manufacturers looking to meet FDA regulations in medical and disaster-relief applications. Polypropylene tolerates extreme temperatures, beneficial for a variety of storage and transport applications. In display and presentation, polypropylene’s clean edges help keep the focus on the product instead of the packaging. Manufacturers can take advantage of the plastic’s rigid nature and impact resistance by using it for dividers, partitions or sleeves in transport containers. In addition, polypropylene is easy to clean, and resists mold, mildew and insects – delivering specific benefits for the harvest, storage and transportation of agricultural products.
  • Combining twin-wall, polypropylene packaging with protective foam provides a best-fit protection for electronics, medical devices and high-value, fragile products. The package design incorporates protection against shock, vibration, and chemical and water damage.

Facts and advantages:

  • Made in the USA
  • Totes, Trays and more, made of High density polyethylene plastic
  • C-flute “wave corrugation”
  • 4mm (~3/16″ thick)
  • 100% recyclable
  • FDA approved raw material (resin)
  • Short lead times
  • Flexible to meet each customer’s needs
  • Lightweight and highly resistant to tears and punctures
  • Long-term usability
  • Many colors, sizes and styles
  • Printable

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Custom Items

Many customers have unique requirements for their orders. J&M offers custom configurations and design assistance for new or modified products. All custom configurations require customer signoff on drawings and prototypes. Additional charges for items such as tooling, screen prints, and engineering apply.

To order or inquire about our plastic corrugated items, please contact Kenny Blanchard at kblanchard@www.jm-ind.com (985) 386-6000 (office), (601) 810-0061(cell) or use the form below.