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At JMI Legacy Manufacturing, L.L.C., we manufacture reliable covers for the oil, gas, and off-shore industries. Our covers are made from all-weather material and have water-resistant seams to combat the most demanding conditions, including wind, rain, water, and sand. These include our cold weather protection, safe zone hot-work habitat, U.V. protective, water protection, and corrosion protection covers. We can make covers to fit any size, shape, habitat, or application.

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Canvas Tarps

JMI Legacy Manufacturing, L.L.C. caters to a wide range of markets with our industrial-grade canvas tarpaulins. Our canvas tarps are used in industrial maintenance, surface preparation, construction, and petrochemical industries. These tarps are offered in standard stock sizes or custom designed. We provide same-day shipping for most sizes and short lead times on custom tarps. Canvas is available in olive drab, flame retardant, and brown, water-resistant options.

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Welding Blankets

Welding blankets from JMI Legacy Manufacturing, L.L.C. are fire retardant rolls of silicone or acrylic coated fabric used during industrial welding. Many industries utilize our welding blankets to withstand high temperatures and protect against slag and splatter during welding hot-works operations. Welding blankets are flexible and highly abrasion-resistant.

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Temper Tent Tarps

JMI Legacy Manufacturing, L.L.C. provides a 13 oz., “Temper Tent,” vinyl tarp that is fire resistant, tear resistant, water resistant, and provides excellent resistance to UV rays. Our tarps are made from a tent fabric used by the military. These tarps are mainly used in the construction and petrochemical industries.  These tarps contain grommets every 3 ft. and are fabricated with a hem. We have stock sizes available and also offer the capability to manufacture custom sizes. Color may vary depending on availability.

Fabric Shelter Building Replacement Covers

We design and manufacture replacement covers to fit most frame designs. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing process, we can precisely fit your​ new replacement cover from several types of materials. Our standard and most common replacement cover fabric is a 14 oz., 23 mil reinforced polyethylene with a UV warranty of 10 - 15 years. PVC fabrics are also available upon request in 18 and 22 oz. FR.

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